Heavy Duty Robots Enter the Ring


Advances in 6-axis robot technology have made it possible to build smaller and much, much BIGGER robots.

Meet the industrial robot heavyweights. These burly, heavy duty robots are designed to handle the biggest parts - from auto bodies to tractors.

The Giant: Fanuc M-2000iA
The Fanuc M-2000iA is so gigantic it almost deserves a weight class of its own. This super heavy duty robot is available in two versions: M-2000iA/900L and M-2000iA/1200. The world's largest and most powerful 6-axis robot, the M-2000iA has an IP67 protected wrist, and is controlled by an advanced R-30iA.

The Entertainer: KUKA KR1000
The KUKA KR 1000 Titan can hoist up to 1000kg. This heavy duty robot reaches a full 3202mm horizontally and 5000mm vertically. In addition to its many heavy duty industrial uses, the KUKA KR1000 is also at the center of Disney's Epcot KUKA new Robocoaster ride: "Sum of all Thrills."

The Powerful: ABB IRB 7600
Meet every challenge with the tough ABB IRB 7600 robot model. This heavy duty robot attacks jobs with a 630kg payload capacity. Available in a couple different versions, the ABB IRB 7600 offers exceptional flexibility and a variety of arm lengths.

Tough: Motoman Heavy Payload
Motoman's three HP (Heavy Payload) models provide still more options for material handling, machine tending, and die cast robotic needs. The HP350D, HP500D, and HP600D accommodate a range of payload and reach requirements.

For more information about heavy duty robots, contact the sales team at RobotWorx: 877-762-6881 or contact representatives online.

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