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ABB IRB 7600
IRB 7600 Information

The ABB IRB 7600 "power robot" is accurate, strong, versatile, and ready for anything. It can be utilized in many applications, especially ones dealing with heavy parts handling. This is reflective in its expert handling of  auto bodies, engines, machines, or any industrial heavy objects. 

The IRB 7600's horizontal reach ranges from 2550mm to a full 3500mm depending on the version. ABB has produced multiple versions to help provide the perfect option for every need; the IRB 7600 can conquer handling capabilities of 500kg, 400kg, 340kg, 325kg, or 150kg.

With the safeguard of employees being a priority, a range of software safety products are available.  It has collision detection, an electronically stabilized path, and the active brake system. In addition, the ABB IRB7600 has shorter cycle times due to its motion control, unique to ABB.  

The used ABB IRB 7600 is also available through RobotWorx. RobotWorx representatives work hard to bring all of their used robots back to mint condition. Furthermore, and used IRB 7600 purchased through RobotWorx includes the RobotWorx Value Package.

The IRB 7600 can use the IRC5,  S4C, or the S4Cplus  robot controller.

Robot Specifications
Axes: 6
Payload: 500kg
H-Reach: 2550mm
Repeatability: ± mm
Robot Mass: 2450kg
Structure: vertically articulated
Mounting: Floor
Robot Motion Speed
Axis 1 75 °/s (1.31 rad/s)
Axis 2 60 °/s (1.05 rad/s)
Axis 3 60 °/s (1.05 rad/s)
Axis 4 100 °/s (1.75 rad/s)
Axis 5 100 °/s (1.75 rad/s)
Axis 6 160 °/s (2.79 rad/s)
Robot Motion Range
Axis 1 ±180°
Axis 2 +80° - 60°
Axis 3 +60° - 180°
Axis 4 ±300°
Axis 5 ±100°
Axis 6 ±300°
Robot Controllers
Robotic Applications
Appliance Automation
Machine Tending
Material Handling
Press Tending
Resistance Welding