Industrial Robots and the Pharmaceutical Industry


Meet your new pharmacist: the industrial robot.

The ability to move with dexterity and speed, while increasing safety make industrial robots indispensable in laboratories and pharmacies.

In light of this, more robot models are being designed for the pharmaceutical industry. Some examples include the Fanuc M-430iA/2PV, the ABB IRB Flexpicker 340 and 360, as well as the Motoman HM SCARA series.

Design Benefit - Slim, quick, and flexible, robots are well-suited for the pick and place and assembly work in a pharmaceutical environment. Vision technology allows industrial robots to put together customized orders and do things like assemble blood sugar kits. Pharmaceutical industrial robots are especially useful for drug discovery tasks - packaging and handling test tubes.

Safety Advantage - Robots protect the integrity of pharmaceutical products and the health of employees and patients. With industrial robots, toxic chemicals can be mixed safely. These particular robot models are designed to work in clean room settings. Sealed arm construction and decontamination with Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor (HPV) keep these models from ever contaminating product. Low payload pick and place jobs that would prove tedious for human workers are now the responsibility of tireless robots.

Reliability - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires all medication to be tracked and traced throughout the production process. Industrial robots make it easier for pharmaceutical companies to comply with these requirements. Along similar lines, robots minimize accidents and wasted material.

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