Just In: EA1900N Robotic Welding Systems


Among RobotWorx' recent arrivals are Motoman EA1900N robots. Call today for first dibs on these "Expert Arc" models.

The complete EA1900N robotic welding systems include the robot arm, advanced NX100 controller, and teach pendants. Six-axis EA1900N robots are quick, reliable, and incredibly accurate welding solutions. They are designed to conserve floor space, cut cycle times, and improve weld quality.

One of the EA1900N's most valuable characteristics is integrated upper arm cabling. Not only does this feature extend the life of the cable, it allows for more exact accessibility. Without the danger of cables flipping or interfering with the application, EA1900Ns are more dependable and compact.

These new additions offer a 3kg payload, 3418mm vertical and 1904 horizontal reach. They weigh in at 280kg and maintain a compact footprint.

Take advantage of these reconditioned robotic welding systems and transform your welding process. For more information contact the RobotWorx sales department online or at 877-762-6881.

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