MH-Series Yaskawa Robots Now with Large Payloads


Yaskawa Motoman Robots has recently expanded its multipurpose Material Handling (MH) robot series. The newcomer, MH215, is a fast-moving and powerful solution for large product handling.

Made for Top Performance

Large part processing is easy for this mighty robot. The MH215 is engineered with high-durability drive units in each major axis. In spite of this robot's high-speed abilities, it provides unparalleled high moment and inertia ratings. Repeatability is a stable +/- 0.2mm.

Taking on Tough Tasks

The MH215 is a great match for machine tendingpick and placespot weldingcutting, and other tough applications. It offers significant financial savings and layout simplicity when used as a parts positioner and conveyor. The MH215's work envelope is quite expansive, with a 3,894mm vertical and 2,912mm horizontal reach. 

MH Swells to Include High-Payloads

The MH-series ranges from the low payload MH5 and MH6 (and variants) to the mid-range MH50 and two extended reach models, the MH50-35 and MH50-20. Now, with the MH215 (as well as possible payload variants of 165kg, 185kg, and 250kg) the series has moved into an entirely new arena.

RobotWorx is an authorized integrator of Yaskawa robots. Call today for more information about the MH series: 740-251-4312 or reach their experts online.

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