New Motoman Robots: ArcWorld C-50 Series

Jul 7, 2008

The Motoman ArcWorld C-50 series is a pre-engineered turnkey cell that offers increased space savings and performance to users. The workcell is very compact,3,857mm x 2,075mm and stand 2,902mm at their tallest point. The C-50 series is centered around the SSA2000 arc welding robot, providing super fast speeds and offering up to 3 kg in payload.


Want to trans­form pro­duc­tion with lit­tle to no dis­rup­tion? Con­sid­er these pre-engi­neered turnkey cells. Motoman built the Arc­World C series to increase space and per­for­mance effi­cien­cy. Incred­i­bly com­pact, these work­cells are only 3,857mm x 2,075mm and stand 2,902mm at their tallest point.

Four Con­fig­u­ra­tions
Avail­able with four dif­fer­ent con­fig­u­ra­tions, the C series includes both sin­gle Arc­World C‑50 and dual sta­tion Arc­World C‑52 ver­sions. These work­cells have fixed tool­ing set-ups, but both are avail­able with one or two MH-150 head­stock posi­tion­ers, indi­cat­ed with an s” — C‑50S, C‑52S.

Speedy Arc Weld­ing Robot
The Arc­World C‑50 series is cen­tered around the SSA2000 arc weld­ing robot. The SSA2000 is a light­weight mod­el that moves with super speed,” han­dles a 3kg pay­load, and reach­es 1,390mm hor­i­zon­tal­ly. Advance­ments in motor con­trol allow for its quick, pre­cise movement.

Safe­ty Envi­ron­ment
The Arc­World C‑50 cells offer the ulti­mate in safe­ty for equip­ment and oper­a­tor. Roll-up doors shield the oper­a­tor when the sys­tem is work­ing, and pro­vide access to the sys­tem when it is stopped. Inter­nal­ly rout­ed cabling in the SSA2000robot elim­i­nates a trip­ping hazard.

Con­trol Cen­ter
The Arc­World C series is pow­ered with the lat­est in Motoman con­trols, the NX100 Con­troller. Incred­i­bly user-friend­ly, the NX100 has an exten­sive mem­o­ry that can store up to 60,000 steps and 10,000 com­mands. It is pro­tect­ed with pass­words and has an Eth­er­net port.

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