Palletizing Robots Stack Up Well


In the age of instant information and instant ordering, customers expect their products to arrive at their doorstep faster than ever. Factories and distribution centers are becoming increasingly automated. Many of the processes involved in manufacturing the product are now automated.  Why not automate the material handling process used to stack your product on pallets?

Robotic palletizing offers users a cheap, flexible solution to manufacturers and distribution centers. Forget breaks. Forget vacation time. Forget back injuries. Industrial robot arms can work 24/7 if needed and can be coordinated to work with many kinds of conveyors, sensors, and other types of machinery. Aside from some small preventative maintenance costs every so often, the robot arm is only paid for once. Companies typically make their return on investment in 6 months. Purchasing a fully reconditioned palletizing robot arm can further reduce costs by 40 to 50%.

To speak with an expert about your need for a palletizing robot arm, contact RobotWorx by calling 740-251-4312 or contact representatives online.

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