Tool Changers Provide Strength, Safety, and Effectiveness


What is a Robotic Tool Changer?

A  Robot Tool Changer offers the flexibility for any automated process to automatically change tools, end-effectors, or other secondary tooling and pass various utilities. They are also known as a Quick-Change device (QC), automatic tool changer (ATC), robot tool changer, robot coupler, or robotic connector. 

ATI's Robotic Tool Changer

ATI Industrial Automation is the world leader in robotic end-effectors and robot arm tooling. They intently listen to the global robotic needs, understand the robotic world, and answered with the Robotic Tool Changer. 

ATI's Robotic Tool Changer is a coupling device, that locks and unlocks pneumatically. It allows a robot to drop-off and pick-up different end effectors, and then pass different utilities through that tool changer.

The tool changer consists of a master plate that is connected to the robot; the tool plate is connected to the tooling. Coupling is achieved through a [patented] precise, high strength, stainless-steel locking device.

When it is time to do a tool change, the robot brings the master close, but does not touch the tool. The locking mechanism is engaged, this patented. no-touch locking technology allows the tool to be pulled up, out of the tool stand, to a locked position.

ATI created a product stronger than a robot to provide the utmost safety, yet equally as reliable, to provide even more flexibility. The ATI tool changing product also enables the repeatability of your robot's integrity to be maintained in order for the robot to accomplish its job.


Robots are extremely powerful tools, so the key to the tool changer was to make it stronger than the robot. This way the robot could not exceed the specifications of the tool changer. ATI succeeded with the system they designed, it throws any safety concerns out the window.

Here, you can see the internal locking mechanism of the tool changer. When the master and tool are in the ready to lock distance (as seen in the picture above), the locking balls are forced outward during the first taper, pulling the tool up toward the master. 

The second taper pushes the locking balls further out, pulling the tool into a high-strength, locked position. This securely couples the master to the tool which provides a high load carrying capacity. In addition, there is a fail safe feature that prevents the master from releasing the tool in an event of lock-air pressure removal. Ultimately, ATI's fail-safe design eliminates the potential problem of a tool release. 

The ATI Robotic Tool Changer was designed to reliably supply companies with  millions of cycles, at rated loads, and do it all while ensuring safety. 


There are a variety of applications and payloads that ATI Tool  Changers can conquer as they afford the ability to pass  utilities such as electrical signals, pneumatic, water, etc.

ATI Tool Changers allow manufacturers to use more processes and more tools on a single robot than before. A robot using a tool changer will allow welding to take place for as long as necessary and then rotate to material handling

Or perhaps you need to conduct material handling, and then move the robot over to inspection or material removal. The beauty of the tool changer is that it allows go instant flexibility and adaptive application structures. 

In addition, the product line ATI produced for the tool changers is very wide;  all the modular options, sizes, and shapes of the different tool changers that you need for a project. All tool changers will also have a tool changing stand for purchase to provide a docking station to put the other end effectors while another one is in use.

Custom Tooling:

ATI has a large staff of engineers that have created the wonderfully strong and reliable products so far, and are also helping to make products exactly as customers have specified as they need them. This ultimately makes the customer more productive and gives them confidence in the product they are purchasing.

RobotWorx is ready to help discuss your next automation needs. Whether it is the robot, end-effector, or robotic tool changer that you need, our team of experts prides ourselves in customer service and will offer you the best solution for your needs. Contact us today online or at 740-251-4321.

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