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FANUC M-1iA/0.5S
M-1iA/0.5S Information

This 4-axis version of the FANUC M-1iA/0.5S Genkotsu (fist) robot can reach speeds up to 3000 degrees per second. This makes the FANUC M1iA/0.5S R30iA /R-30iB a first choice for applications with light payloads and speed requirements. It can be installed as a robot only (no stand), as a desktop mount with a stand, at an angle, or on the ceiling. The lightweight design of the M 1-iA/0.5S robot makes it flexible for installation in small spaces.

RobotWorx also provides reconditioned FANUC M-1iA/0.5S robots. Experts at RobotWorx take all used M1iA/0.5S robots through an intense refurbishment process that bring the robot back to mint condition. Additionally, all used FANUC M-1iA/0.5S robots come with the RobotWorx Value Package

Robot Specifications
Axes: 4
Payload: 1kg
H-Reach: 280mm
Repeatability: ± 0.02mm
Robot Mass: 14kg
Structure: Delta
Mounting: shelf, tabletop
Robot Motion Speed
J1 3000 °/s (52.36 rad/s)
Robot Motion Range
J1 ±720°
Robot Controllers
R-30iA Mate
R-30iB open air cabinet
R-30iB mate cabinet
R-30iB iPendant touch
Robotic Applications
Material Handling
Order Picking
Part Transfer
Pick and Place