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RobotWorx RW750
RW750 Information

RobotWorx experts work hard to meet the specific and unique needs of each customer.  We will create a workcell that will get the job done safely and most efficiently.   

The RW750 workcell does just that.  It was designed and built to meet the needs of welding and/or cutting/trimming applications.  RobotWorx can specifically customize this welding system to fit your application, product, and facility requirements.

Flexible Work-space:
The RW750 is easy to move via fork pockets, making it easy to install and/or reconfigure your floor plan as necessary.  The cell is 1525 mm wide x 2560 mm deep but with peripherals (HMI, operator station, door motor) it can be as wide as 2200 mm.

The RobotWorx designed this system to be used with a 
Motoman UP6, Motoman EA1400, FANUC Arc Mate 100, or comparable.  

Positioning Flexibility
The RW750's has a 24” x 48” fixed table for customer fixture(s).  

Safety is always a priority for us. The RW750 has a 1 man door with a safety interlock with automated up/down door with arc glare windows.

RW750 Movies
Workcell Features
  • Easy to move via fork pockets
  • Compact - able to fit almost anywhere
  • 1 man door with safety interlock
  • Automated up/down door with arc glare windows
Workcell Specifications
Robot UP6, EA1400, ArcMate 100, or comparable robot
Positioner 24” x 48” fixed table for customer fixture(s)
Operator Station 2 button op station (E-stop & run) and HMI, varies according to application
Footprint 1525 mm wide x 2560 mm deep, with peripherals (HMI, op station, door motor) it could be as wide as 2200mm