All About That Versatility – KUKA Cutting Robots

When you are looking for a versatile automated cutting solution, consider a KUKA cutting robot. KUKA robotics has some of the most versatile cutting robots on the market today. These robots can perform regular cutting, laser cutting, plasma cutting, and water-jet cutting. These robots can also be used to perform other applications such as welding, material handling, dispensing, etc. The KUKA cutting robots can also help improve the health and safety environment of their workers, removing them from any dangerous fumes or material particles in the air.

All About That Versatility – KUKA Cutting Robots


Cutting automation is all about versatility, and KUKA Robotics has some of the most versatile cutting robots on the industrial market today. A KUKA robotic cutter is able to not only able to perform regular cutting, laser cutting, plasma cutting and water-jet cutting, but it can also be used to perform other applications, like welding, material handling and dispensing, as long as the dress package and tooling is changed.

Versatility for cutting automation is important, and KUKA has several cutting robots that will measure up to even the pickiest customer. Each cutting style that a KUKA robot performs has several advantages, but there are a few advantages that they all have – they work faster and cleaner than any manual cutting process. This carries over to their other applications as well. By having this level of versatility, manufacturers are able to cut down on the amount of equipment they need to buy and they can save space in their shop.

Of course, there is also the advantage of health and safety for their workers. Many manual cutting applications either release fumes or material particles into the air, and sometimes eyes, of the workers. This means that they can be injured, and may have to leave work, which can slowdown production and bring down morale. With cutting robots from KUKA, this is no longer a problem. Workers stay a safe distance from the cutting application, and they are taught to operate the robot, which gives them better skills – improving their health, as well as their place in the company.

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