Box and Bag Palletizing with the Fanuc M-410iC/185

Robotic palletizing is used in production lines across the globe, reducing stress-related injuries on human workers. Fanuc is a world leader in industrial robots as seen with the M-410iC/185 robot. The M-410iC can bring increased flexibility, accuracy, and speed while also decreasing worker injuries.

Box and Bag Palletizing with the Fanuc M-410iC/185


Robotic palletizing is a common automation application that is used in factories all over the world to cut down on stress-related injuries. Fanuc Robotics, a world leader in automation technology, has produced a new palletizing robot, the M-410iC/185, which can help to decrease these worker injuries, while also bringing an increase in flexibility, accuracy and speed to the application.

When workers are bending and twisting all day to load bags and boxes onto pallets for transport, they are at a higher risk for stress-related injuries to the back, arms and even knees that come with repetitive activities. This kind of issue is not a problem for the Fanuc M410iC/185. With a payload capacity of 185kg, this robot palletizer can lift boxes and bags and place them onto pallets 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without the risk if injury.

Not only can the M 410iC 185, reduce work-related injuries, but it also brings a higher speed to the end-of-line applications. The speed at which the M-410iC-185 works is several times faster than any manual application, and it stacks products with an accuracy that cannot be matched by human workers. This means that products are less likely to shift and be damaged during transport, which saves the manufacturer on money lost due to damaged or defective goods, as well as the money that was saved on labor and production costs.

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