Continuing tradition in Warren, Michigan

The automotive industry uses automation to help improve the productivity and efficiency of their production lines. In Warren, Michigan industrial robots are helping to cut fiberglass, metal, and glass pieces for roof systems. Giving this type of work to robots also increases the health of workers by removing them from these hazardous substances.

Continuing tradition in Warren, Michigan


Michigan used to be the car manufacturing state. The “Big Three” U.S. car manufacturers – General Motors, Chrysler and Ford – had strong footholds in Michigan communities until the bankruptcies began around a decade ago. Even with a weakened economy and many of the large manufacturing companies gone from the area, there is still a rich tradition of automotive manufacturing still going strong in Michigan. Warren, Michigan has several manufacturers, including metal part stamping and roofing systems.

Robotic automation can improve productivity for any area of the automotive industry. Inalfa Roof Systems Group in Warren, MI, manufactures sun shades, roof systems and truck hatches for several automotive companies. Cutting robots can be helpful in this type of industry. Robots can cut the fiberglass, metal and glass pieces needed for the roof systems more efficiently and accurately than other processes. Robotic automation can also improve the health of workers by removing them from an environment that can be hazardous because of the particles released during the cutting process.

Another company in Warren, Wico Metal Products, produces general and extrusion stamping products for automobiles. From aluminum heat shields to wheel wells and roof rails, companies like Wico can also use robots during production. Robotic automation can be used to transfer parts from one stamping machine to another, load and unload parts, as well as packaging, assembling and palletizing stamped parts to improve the quality of products.

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