Cutting Contamination with Bottle Packaging Robots

RobotWorx offers a wide variety of bottle packaging robots that ensures there is no contamination during the production process. Bottle packaging robots ensure the bottles are packed securely, safely, and accurately.

Cutting Contamination with Bottle Packaging Robots


As you take a sip of your Snapple, remember that before it got to you, it had to be bottled and packaged. More companies are turning to bottle packing automation to save both money and time. Automation eliminates the highly repetitive motion of packing cases for humans, and it prevents the possibility for human contamination of the product. The quality of the packing is also improved.

Motoman provides bottle pack, tray pack, bulk unitized load, assembly, and machine unload cells for bottles, and their robots are capable of case erection, pack-out, taping, palletizing, and stretch-wrapping. Their line consists of material handling robots, infeed/outfeed configurations vacuum stations, sheet dispensers, bottle inverters, and bottle grippers that enhance quality and return on investment. Some examples of these robots are the HP20, HP50, IA20, EPL80, EPL160, and DX 1350.

A Motoman HP20F robot was chosen by Overveld Packaging to pack bottles with oil into boxes. The boxes were fed onto the conveyor in a folded condition, and the robot grabs the box and opens it. The pneumatic plate gripper picks four oil bottles and places them in the box, and this continues for further rows of bottles. When the packing process is complete, the box moves out of the area and is closed. The system demonstrates the flexible manner in which different packing requirements are accommodated, as well as the fast output.

Other notable bottle packaging companies are ANVER and Italproject. ANVER offers an impressive selection of bottling pick-up gripper heads and other bottling equipment components that are interchangeable with major lines of bottling systems. The Robomax 200 from Italproject uses a feedscrew principle, making it capable of case packing 14,000 bottles per hour.

Bottle packaging robots ensure that bottles are packed securely and efficiently. RobotWorx carries a large variety of new and refurbished bottle packaging robots. You can select based on your work area, payloads, speed, accuracy, angle, axis, and versatility. Contact RobotWorx at 877-762-6881 for more information.