Die Cutting and Vision in San Diego, CA

​Robotic technology continues to advance and bring even greater precision and accuracy to production lines. San Diego, California uses robotic technology for die cutting and has added vision over the years to improve the accuracy.

Die Cutting and Vision in San Diego, CA


Robotic automation has come a long way in the last few decades. From the first Unimate robot used in the automobile industry in the 1960s until now, robotics have become smarter and able to perform more applications with the use different end effectors and other features. This is the case in San Diego, California, where robotic technology is at its height in the manufacturing sector.

Companies all over San Diego, as well as the rest of California, are taking advantage of robotics to improve their applications and business practices. Canyon Graphics Corporation, a company based in San Diego, specializes in processes like die cutting, 3D trimming and injection molding. These are all applications that could be further improved by integrating robotics into the facility. Today’s robots are big enough to lift a car or small enough to fit on a tabletop, so space and company size is not an option. A graphics company like Canyon could easily employ robots to perform its trimming and cutting applications to speed up production and save money in the process.

Vision is a big deal in robotics today. Vision sensors allow robots to “see” what they’re doing, as well as being able to use touch sensors to decipher varying tolerances for items. One company making these cameras is Wintriss Web and Surface Inspection. Robotic systems can use inspection systems from Wintriss to detect flaws in paper, textiles, film, foil, metal, plastics, glass and coatings, making it invaluable to the industry. These sensors are cameras that take a picture of the proper work piece, and if each work piece that comes down the conveyor to the robot does not match that picture work piece, it is rejected. This also improves the quality control of a production line.

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