Dispensing Above the Rest--Gantry Robots

Gantry robot models have a low initial cost and a very high and quick return on investment. Gantry robots are mounted overhead on a track, allowing horizontal movement and ensuring better positioning and accuracy. Gantry robots are very easy to position.

Dispensing Above the Rest--Gantry Robots


Humans use their arms for a multitude of tasks. Likewise, robotic arms need the freedom of movement around a part, especially if they are involved in a dispensing process. The two most popular types of dispensing robots are the XYZ Gantry model and the 6-axis model. The gantry model has a low initial cost with quick returns on investment.

Gantry robots consist of a manipulator mounted into an overhead system allowing horizontal movement. This ensures better positioning accuracy as the robot dispenses. Gantry robots are easy to program since the X,Y, Z coordinate system is less limited by floor space. Gantry robots are also aided by gravity; since dispensing is a downward motion, objects are easily deposited from an overhead position.

A KUKA KR 16 robot was recently selected by Delta Sigma Corporation (DSC) to be combined with a gantry robot. The KR 16 robot arm is used in the new gantry dispensing system, with a focus on user-friendly control. KUKA’s KR 30 model is capable of low to medium diverse applications. Payload and reach tools are easily modified due to the modular design of the robot. A variation of the KR 30, the KR 30 L16, is a longer arm reach version of the same robot. It can be mounted either on the floor, or to conserve space, in the ceiling.

Since floor space is a valued commodity, Fanuc developed the M-16iB/T gantry dispensing robot model that works from an overhead track. This way, the majority of floor space is freed up, since only two track posts are positioned on the floor. The M-16iB/T is designed for light to medium applications.

Motoman’s HP20T robot, designed for invert-mounting, boasts a slim design which enables it to be placed near workpieces. It can collaborate with up to four other HP20T robots, yielding exceptional productivity. It also offers the widest work envelope compared with other similar models.

One arm can reach a long way and complete a large amount of dispensing! RobotWorx carries a variety of gantry dispensing robots at a reduced price. For more information, or a price quote, contact us today at 877-762-6881.