Eliminating Worker Injury with Stacking Robots

When an automation system is integrated on a production line, workers can expect an increased safety environment and reduction of back breaking labor. Stacking robots can help to reduce injuries as they take care of the receptive motions and heavy lifting. ​

Eliminating Worker Injury with Stacking Robots


Stacking and de-stacking objects is tedious and can be dangerous to manual workers. Stacking automation can virtually eliminate worker injuries due to heavy lifting and repetitive motion. Manufacturing industries rely on press transfer and stacking robots for material handling.

KUKA’s new KR QUANTEC series include palletizing robots with a new compact design. The use of lighter components allow the robots to achieve fast stacking times. The robots come in versions that can offer payloads of 120, 180, and 240 kg. All common types of packages can be safely routed within the arm’s casing due to the hollow wrist with a 60mm aperture. KUKA specifies the purpose of these models is to boost productivity and ensure accurate, high-performance operations.

AMF Automation Technologies selected KUKA as its robotics supplier for its meat food distribution system. The KUKA KR 180 PA palletizing robot will be used in the meat stacking and de-stacking system. This will allow manufacturers to improve working conditions as well and increase throughput. Automating the labor-intensive stacking and de-stacking processes speeds up production as robots stack the products in food baskets via conveyor. When the baskets return empty, the robots will de-stack: they can be used at both the beginning and the end of the meat packing process.

Centricity Corporation’s VERSA-STACK Parts Handling System is a modular system that is simple to install. It allows the user to create stacks of different components utilizing Feedscape ID feeding technology. Feedscape feeds each component onto indexing pins on a dial plate. The completed stack is deposited to the robot or pick and place unit. Usually unaffected by jams, the system produces significant increased in throughput.

Stacking automation increases production as the dangerous heavy-lifting tasks are left to robots. RobotWorx integrates new and used stacking robots into all kinds of factories. Contact RobotWorx online or at 877-762-6881 for a free quote or assistance in deciding which robot is right for you.