End-of-arm tooling makes the difference for robotic debur technology

For robotic deburring technology, specific end of arm tooling makes a huge difference. All it takes is a quick end effector change for robots for a new deburring process. It is important to understand the technology that you need on your deburring production line.

End-of-arm tooling makes the difference for robotic debur technology


There are many uses for robotic deburring technology in the manufacturing industry today. Some robots debur small parts, while others debur larger parts, using vision technology. Fanuc Robotics, a leader in industrial robotics, is leading the way in the newest robotic debur technology.

Fanuc has many robots that are well-suited for deburring, as well as other material removal applications. It is the end-of-arm tooling used that really makes the difference in what is deburred. Many robots are flexible to debur several different items with a quick change of end effector.

The Fanuc M series spider robots uses a small pneumatic deburring tool that is precise enough to remove nicks from a small set of fan blades and other small parts. It is important to research the proper deburring robotic technology available before using an end effector for a job like this. Something too abrasive may damage small parts. On the other hand, something too small may be ineffective on larger parts.

By using spider robotic technology to debur, this small fan blade can be moved around at different angles, allowing for effective, accurate deburring of all sides.For larger deburring, robotic technology has trended toward vision and sensor technology. Fanuc uses L series robots for these larger pieces. Deburring robot technology from Fanuc has developed sensors that allow robots to debur inside of objects, as well as outside. By developing these kinds of innovations, robot deburring techonology can offer manufacturers the flexibility to debur many different kinds of items, big and small, which saves manufacturers money on extra equipment.

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