Expect Top Quality Welds and Faster Speeds with the Arc Mate 100iC Series

The ARC Mate 100iC series provides production lines with more freedom as they can take over the dangerous and tedious tasks, enabling workers to complete other valuable tasks. For instance, the 100iC series can be loading on one side of the work cell while the other is being welded. If your production line is seeking improved quality, reduced production costs, and improved safety, then integrate an ARC Mate 100iC robot today.

Expect Top Quality Welds and Faster Speeds with the Arc Mate 100iC Series

FANUC ArcMate 100iC 7L

Automated welding offers businesses more freedom as their workers can complete multiple tasks at once. For instance, it allows for the loading of one side of a work cell simultaneously as the other side is welding. This ultimately increases the speed of the welding application while also shielding workers from dangerous welding fumes and glare.

When deciding to automate and choose which robot is best for your arc welding needs, consider the Arc Mate 100iC series. This is one of the many great robots available in FANUC’s arc welding robot line and offers a variety of options for manufacturers that desire an increase in speed for their welding application. The Arc Mate 100iC robots are exclusively designed to create a one-of-a-kind quality weld, reduce the costs for production, and improve the safety of your workplace.

Increased Speed:

The 100iC offers a large work area, complex tooling, and the speed. It has the highest motion performance for its class, reducing the cycle time by up to 15%. The rigid arm combined with advanced servo technology enable maximum speed and acceleration performance.

Enhanced Wrist:

The wrist load capacity in this series allows sustainability of various torch tools such as sensor units, servo torch, and tandem torch. The wrist is also slim, allowing for entry into small openings thus enabling operation in narrow spaces and high density installation.

In addition, the wrist is hollow allowing the gas lines, weld torch cables, airlines, and wire feeder motor cable to be protected and located inside of the robot arm. This provides excellent cable management, easy maintenance, torch cable integration, and simpler set up time and results in higher performance welding.

Decrease Floor Space and Increased Savings:

Not only will the Arc Mate 100iC save time with increased speeds, easier cable maintenance, and reduced setup time, but it will also save money since it requires little floor space. The Arc Mate 100iC sports a slim design that allows for closer integration with multiple robots since it does not take up much floor space.

Multiple Software Options:

The FANUC Arc Mate 100iC is compatible with major brands of welding equipment interfacing it with most types of servo-driven or indexing positioners. In addition, there are intelligent software options available that add sight, sense, simulation ability, and faster programming. These options (iRvision, collision detection, and coordinated motion) help compensate for production gaps and ease the switch of tooling or fixture changes ultimately saving time and money on adjustments, further testing, and accidents.

A Variety of Options with the 100iC Series:

In order to help produce the perfect automated welding solution, FANUC offers several versions of the ARC Mate100iC. The following models offer 6 axes and floor, upside down, and angle mounting, in addition to the following alternatives:

  • The Arc Mate 100iC has 1,420 mm reach, 10 kg, and a 1,066 mm stroke.
  • The Arc Mate 100iC/10s is a short arm version of the robot, designed for greater dexterity and less interference with other robots, positioners, and peripherals. It has a 10kg payload and offers cycle times of +/-0.05mm repeatability, and a 1098 reach.
  • The Arc Mate100iC/12s is a heavy duty welding robot as it offers a 12 kg payload, +/-0.05mm repeatability, and a 1098 reach.
  • The Arc Mate 100iC/6L has a 6kg payload, 1632, and a +/-0.1mm, and either a floor, ceiling, angle, and wall mount (no upside down mount available).
  • The Arc Mate 100iC/7L is sure to increase accuracy as it offers 7 kg payload, +/-0.08mm, and a 1632 reach.
  • The Arc Mate 100iC/8L has the longest reach at 2028mm, a 8kg payload, and a +/-0.08mm repeatability.

Controller Options:

The FANUC ARC Mate 100iC robots have the option of using the RJ3iC and R-30iA controllers, both of which help to enhance this efficient robot by allowing for flexible programming for application specific configurations.

The R-30iA reduces cycle time with a reduced acceleration and deceleration rate for theARC Mate 100iC. The R-30iA controller features vibration control, 2D vision, and an efficient cooling system. The cooling system allows for easy integration since multiple controllers can be placed side by side without overheating.

The intelligent RJ3iC controller adds optimization and precise control for up to 40 axes of motion, including up to 4 robots. It offers increased acceleration/deceleration times and a decreased vibration through a new vibration control function. Integration is streamlined through the addition of iRVision without additional hardware and programming.

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For these reasons and more, the FANUC Arc Mate robots are sure to increase the value of your production line.

One of the best parts of working with a robotics integrator is the ability to customize your own welding cell. When a customer invests in a custom welding work cell, they are able to have it made to the exact specifications of their product and production line. RobotWorx is an authorized FANUC integrator and has a variety of FANUC robots and work cells available at affordable prices.

If you are interested in incorporating a robot from the ARC Mate 100iC series into your arc welding application, contact RobotWorx online or give us a call today at 740-251-4312.

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