Fanuc Robots Designs Complete Dress Package

Fanuc Robotics has a variety of dress packages available that are cable management systems to help reduce the wear on cables and hoses over time. Dress packages can save your company on maintenance costs and increase the overall life of your robot.

Fanuc Robots Designs Complete Dress Package


Everyone needs to save money. What better way for a manufacturer to save money on his equipment than to invest in features that will reduce maintenance costs over time? Industrial robot manufacturers, like Fanuc Robotics, use cable management systems, called dress packages, to reduce wear and tear on cables and hoses feeding industrial robot arms.

Cables, hoses, and airlines are integral parts of most industrial robot arms. Cables often carry electricity to end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT). Hoses can carry coolant, oil, or many other kinds of materials. Airlines, like the word implies, carry air, and sometimes gases, for welding applications.

Robot dress packages reduce time spent on preventative maintenance by providing an organized way of covering and protecting cables, hoses, and airlines from sparks, pollutants, and other environmental hazards. Instead of cables and other accessories hanging from the robot arm in an unorganized fashion, an outer covering called an umbilical protects them.

Dress packages are available for almost every industrial robot in the Fanuc Robotics line. Some models, such as Fanuc’s M-410 palletizing robot arm, come equipped with a dress package from the start. Other arms, such as the M-16iL or ARC Mate 100i, have the option of dress package integration.

Any industrial application that uses cables, hoses, and other accessories that usually hang onto the robot arm are qualified to use a dress package, including arc welding, spot welding, material handling, palletizing, and many other industrial applications.

RobotWorx experts can help manufacturers pick the right Fanuc robot arm and dress package for their application and manufacturing processes. RobotWorx works with dress package companies such as Drossbauch and Reiku to provide customers with the best dress packages on the market. Contact a sales representative at RobotWorx today to get started integrating a Fanuc industrial robot arm with a dress package to increase productivity in your company. Call 877-762-6881 or submit a form on our contact page.