Fanuc Robots Designs Complete Dress Package

Jun 30, 2013

Fanuc Robotics has a variety of dress packages available that are cable management systems to help reduce the wear on cables and hoses over time. Dress packages can save your company on maintenance costs and increase the overall life of your robot.


Every­one needs to save mon­ey. What bet­ter way for a man­u­fac­tur­er to save mon­ey on his equip­ment than to invest in fea­tures that will reduce main­te­nance costs over time? Indus­tri­al robot man­u­fac­tur­ers, like Fanuc Robot­ics, use cable man­age­ment sys­tems, called dress pack­ages, to reduce wear and tear on cables and hoses feed­ing indus­tri­al robot arms.

Cables, hoses, and air­lines are inte­gral parts of most indus­tri­al robot arms. Cables often car­ry elec­tric­i­ty to end-of-arm-tool­ing (EOAT). Hoses can car­ry coolant, oil, or many oth­er kinds of mate­ri­als. Air­lines, like the word implies, car­ry air, and some­times gas­es, for weld­ing applications.

Robot dress pack­ages reduce time spent on pre­ven­ta­tive main­te­nance by pro­vid­ing an orga­nized way of cov­er­ing and pro­tect­ing cables, hoses, and air­lines from sparks, pol­lu­tants, and oth­er envi­ron­men­tal haz­ards. Instead of cables and oth­er acces­sories hang­ing from the robot arm in an unor­ga­nized fash­ion, an out­er cov­er­ing called an umbil­i­cal pro­tects them.

Dress pack­ages are avail­able for almost every indus­tri­al robot in the Fanuc Robot­ics line. Some mod­els, such as Fanuc’s M‑410 pal­letiz­ing robot arm, come equipped with a dress pack­age from the start. Oth­er arms, such as the M‑16iL or ARC Mate 100i, have the option of dress pack­age inte­gra­tion.

Any indus­tri­al appli­ca­tion that uses cables, hoses, and oth­er acces­sories that usu­al­ly hang onto the robot arm are qual­i­fied to use a dress pack­age, includ­ing arc weld­ing, spot weld­ing, mate­r­i­al han­dling, pal­letiz­ing, and many oth­er indus­tri­al applications.

Robots​.com experts can help man­u­fac­tur­ers pick the right Fanuc robot arm and dress pack­age for their appli­ca­tion and man­u­fac­tur­ing process­es. Robots​.com works with dress pack­age com­pa­nies such as Dross­bauch and Reiku to pro­vide cus­tomers with the best dress pack­ages on the mar­ket. Con­tact a sales rep­re­sen­ta­tive at Robots​.com today to get start­ed inte­grat­ing a Fanuc indus­tri­al robot arm with a dress pack­age to increase pro­duc­tiv­i­ty in your com­pa­ny. Call 8777626881 or sub­mit a form on our con­tact page.

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