Gain Application Versatility with Fanuc Loading Robots

Automating your loading and unloading machine parts application will help to increase the overall productivity and versatility of your production line. Fanuc robots offers a wide range of loading and unloading robot options.

Gain Application Versatility with Fanuc Loading Robots


Loading and unloading machine parts can be tiring work. A loading robot can take over this mind-numbing and back-breaking job while improving productivity and increasing output. Fanuc offers several models of loading robots.

The Fanuc M-710iT machine tool loading robot has a 70 kg payload and can improve machine productivity by 30%. It is a top loader robot, which means it can tip the part to remove coolant and can load the part in either a vertical or horizontal format. It also frees up floor space. This model helps speed up cycle time due to the dual part gripper used to unload machine tools. After the loading process, the M-710iT can also perform other operations, such as gauging, deburring, deflashing, and labeling.

The Chiron Flexcell Uno is comprised of the Fanuc LR Mate 200iC robot and a machining center. It works as a solution for fully automated loading and unloading of work pieces during machining. The LR Mate 200iC robot works with the part from raw to semi-finished to finished, and even closes the access door. After the robot picks the part from the tray, it swivels into the machine and loads the part into the fixture. The LR Mate 200iC rates best in class for wrist load capacity, repeatability, work envelope, and speed.

Fanuc has finally given small shops access to the same advantages of automation as high-volume manufacturers with its Flexible Loading Solutions. These solutions are intelligent robot-based systems used in manufacturing environments. Machine loading automation is practical and affordable for the first time in small batch production. The Flexible Loading Solutions take a fixtureless approach to part handling with the goal of eliminating automationsetups. This gives the operator more time to simply focus on the machining aspects of the job. The simple exchange of robot gripper fingers helps the system accommodate both standard and irregular part shapes. This easy setup and quick changeover makes the system flexible and simple to retool.

Whether the manufacturing is done in a small shop or a large environment, loading automation with Fanuc offers a practical and efficient option to increase productivity.

RobotWorx is a certified robot integrator of Fanuc Robotics. We carry a variety of loading robots with different arm reaches and payloads. To find out more on how to purchase one of these robots, contact RobotWorx at 877-762-6881.