Getting a grip on bag grippers

​Choosing the perfect robotic gripper for your automation process will ensure it is done with precision and speed. RobotWorx can help customize or find a pre-engineered robotic bag gripper for your production needs. Depending on your application's product size, shape, weight, orientation, and handling requirements, the engineers at RobotWorx are ready to help get the job done.

Getting a grip on bag grippers

Need help palletizing bags of mulch, grain, potting soil, etc.? Worried about puncturing the bag and compromising the product? Want to improve your stacking speed and stop breaking your back? There are great palletizing robot and gripper options available to take care of this specific task. Choosing the right robotic bag gripper to automate your process is important and RobotWorx is here to help.

The most common bag gripper design has two large jaws with several prongs on either side that close vertically and cradles the bag to lift it up. It important to know the size, shape, and weight when assessing bag grippers. How a product is picked up is most likely not the same as being laid back down, understanding those handling requirements can prevent headaches after installation.

Using a conveyor system? Not a problem! There are multiple ways to set up a bag gripper to fit into track or pallet slots appropriately. The cradles, or fingers, can then slide under the bag, greatly reduces risk of puncturing the bag.

RobotWorx is capable of custom designing a bag gripper to fit unique palletizing tasks. There are also pre-engineered options from multiple manufacturers that can be implemented on the end of the robot arm.

Products can be palletized in various orientations and stacking patterns, with incredible accuracy, to increase the amount of product that can be stacked without damaging the goods. Palletizing robots can also improve the speed at which products can be positioned, and don't forget it greatly improves employee working environments.

Looking into palletizing robots? You can check out our palletizing application page, or we have listed some of the most popular robots used for palletizing applications. We have both new and reconditioned robots, ready to integrate.

We are also capable of providing complete automation solutions. With access to all SCOTT Technology companies and expertise, along with strong partnerships with various specialized automation companies, we can provide the most optimized, efficient and budget-friendly options.

Check out a recent project involving a pallet dispenser, palletizing robot, conveyor system, and plastic wrap packaging for shipment:

Our robotic integration experience has included many palletizing robots with specialized end effectors, such a bag grippers. We carry a large variety of palletizers to include new or refurbished robots. All used robots go through a rigorous inspection and reconditioning process to restore the robot to like-new condition. These used palletizing robots allow for cheaper options, while still preserving the integrity of the system.

For more information about bag grippers or palletizing robots, contact us here or call us at 740-251-4312.

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