Human-Robot Collaboration- A Factory of the Future

The factory of the future will see more Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC). Sinc etheir inception, collaborative robots have brought a large amount of success to a wide range of industries, including the automotive and electronics. In this collaboration, human and robot will work side by side and help contribute to the flexibility and productivity on the production line.

Human-Robot Collaboration- A Factory of the Future

Collaborative Factory Robots

Industrial processing is being revolutionized by Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC). They arrived on the market in 2014 and since their inception, collaborative robots have been widely successful and become a key player in a variety of industries, especially the automotive and electronics. These industries and more are getting a glimpse of what the factory of the future will look like: human and robots collaborating on the production line without separation and without safety fencing.

The factory of the future will only continue to see this team of flesh and machine continue to grow. Human-Robot Collaboration enables both man and machine to contribute their specific abilities on a production line and complement each other while providing incredible flexibility and productivity. The human operator controls and monitors production while the robots perform the physically strenuous work.

Through this union, HRC robots continue to bring decisive advantages to companies across the world such as maximum flexibility, relief of employees performing ergonomically unfavorable work, reduced risk of injury, high-quality performance, and overall increased productivity. Collaborative robots are also offering companies a very short ROI, increased amount of efficiency, plug and play user friendliness, and a great overall value to the company as they are replacing the boring, repetitive tasks. Another incredible benefit of these collaborative robots is that they are within the economic and technical reach of a wide range of businesses, including the small and medium-sized ones.

Human-Robot Collaboration relies on senses that aid in the collaboration between man and machine. These senses involve the likes of cameras and forces sensors and help the collaborative robots to operate in open industrial environments, directly next to humans, with the utmost amount of safety. These collaborative robots are often equipped with a single visual sensor such as a camera, laser, or infrared sensor that helps to generate 2D or 3D images. 3D cameras can add a depth to what a robot sees, enabling it to perform more complicated tasks such as sorting through a pile of different objects.

The sensors on these robots also help to increase safety around human workers, constantly conducting a speed and separation monitoring. This enables the Human-Robot Collaboration to reduce injury as it can detect its environment for 360 degrees and slow down or stop a robot once the worker is in a certain area or space. These robots are also increasing the value of each person with the company as they are an integral part of this hybrid solution.

The robotic trend has been so successful; it is spreading like wild fire. Companies across the globe are seeing the advantages and reaping the benefits of automated manufacturing processes, including collaborative robots. Robots are truly helping manufacturing processes and offering great, cost-effective, long-term solutions that are offering a bright future for the industry as a whole. Furthermore, the automated market is quickly evolving as technology continues to advance at rapid rates. The progress that is expected from these systems, from the sensors to the software, is only going to continue to become more intelligent and capable. Don't miss out on the chance to get your robotic system today! RobotWorx provides systems from a variety of manufacturers who offer collaborative robots such as FANUC, Motoman, ABB, Universal Robots, and KUKA.

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