KUKA Controller for Dispensing Systems

KUKA’s Motion Control technology was created specifically for dispensing systems. This dispensing system is easy to learn, program, and operate.

KUKA Controller for Dispensing Systems


When Delta Sigma Corporation (DSC), a leading manufacturer of custom machines for automotive, medical, aerospace, and general industries, needed a robotics supplier, they called on KUKA. The partnership between DSC and KUKA fostered the platform for KUKA’s Motion Control technology to become the control architecture for DSC’s custom 6-axis gantry dispensing system.

KUKA’s Motion Control technology was chosen because it is simple to learn and program, and easy to operate. The 6-axis gantry dispensing system will use a KUKA KR 16 robot attached to the gantry robot. The gantry robot along with KUKA’s PC-based control platform yields a user-friendly automated dispensing system: exactly what DSC was trying to generate.

DSC’s new system is useful when an articulated robot is not practical. It will also be useful in a variety of industries; the gantry robot combined with the KUKA robot and control will be ideal for dispensing solutions. KUKA’s Controller can control a wide range of kinematic systems and machines more intelligently than with typical solutions. The controller is suited to all machine types, allowing more intelligent solutions to continue to develop.

More recently, KUKA unveiled its KR C4 all-in-one solution. This is a control system that integrates robot, motion, sequence, and process control. The complete safety controller is integrated into KR C4, and performs all tasks simultaneously. Intelligent software functions replace the limited hardware that was previously used. Further, linked data streams replace conventional interfaces, allowing direct communication.

KUKA’s continued progress on its control systems demonstrates its pioneer status as we move forward into the future. RobotWorx offers KUKA controllers at a reduced price. If you would like to purchase one or need more information on robot controllers, contact RobotWorx at 877-762-6881.