Laser cutting with Fanuc robots

When your production line depends on accuracy, look no further than laser cutting robots by Fanuc. Fanuc is a leader in the industrial robotic business and has several laser cutting robots available to perform arc welding and spot welding processes. These robots have a smaller footprint and help the manufacturer increase their overall accuracy and efficiency.

Laser cutting with Fanuc robots


There are many applications that depend on a robot’s capability to be extremely accurate. When companies need precision in an application like laser cutting, many turn to a robotics leader like Fanuc Robotics, a robot company with a reputation for system precision and repeatability. Fanuc also has several laser cutting robots that can perform arc welding and spot welding processes as well, which makes them even more versatile for the manufacturer.

There are several reasons that robotic laser cutting with Fanuc robots is attractive to manufacturers. Fanuc robot laser cutters are flexible. They are capable of three-dimensional cutting, as opposed to other machinery that may only be capable of cutting on a vertical or horizontal plane. These Fanuc robotic laser cutting systems have a smaller footprint than other machinery as well, which could be a contributing factor for automation, especially when a manufacturer has limited space to integrate the robot system.

Robot laser cutting systems from Fanuc are typically able to cut aluminum and steel parts that are between 0.02 inches and 0.2 inches thick. This kind of versatility for cutting thicknesses allows manufacturers to use the Fanuc robotic laser cutter on several different types of products. By increasing the reusability of the system, manufacturers not only save money on production, but also on equipment costs.

All companies considering the integration of laser cutting robotics from Fanuc should take time to fully train all those programming or working with the robot. When workers are well trained on a system, it only further improves the level of production.

Where can you obtain the right training for your system? RobotWorx, of course! All of the systems that we build and sell come with free training at our Marion, Ohio facility for up to three employees from the customer’s company. Customers are invited to come in and get to know their robot system until they are comfortable with the application process.

RobotWorx provides solutions from Fanuc Robotics. Because of this partnership, we are able to obtain the right new or used Fanuc robot systems for our customers for the right price. If you are interested in learning more about automating your facility with RobotWorx, contact us today online or at 877-762-6881.