Learn about ABB welding robots

Welding robots by ABB have proved time and time again that they can increase efficiency and productivity on a production line. Welding robots can work without any breaks and create an incredibly consistent and precise product.

Learn about ABB welding robots


Welding robots increase the efficiency and quality of welding processes while minimizing scrap. ABB is the leading supplier of welding robots and complete welding packages.

Some robots used for arc welding are: IRB 140, IRB 1410, IRB 1600, IRB 2400, IRB 2600, and IRB 4600. Spot welding robots include: IRB 6620, IRB 6640, IRB 6650S, and the IRB 7600.

The IRB 1520ID is a high precision arc welder with integrated process dressing. This lean arc robot promises stable welding, high path accuracy, short cycle times, and long lifetime with low maintenance costs. The hose package on the upper arm and the welding cables at the base are totally integrated into the robot so that the media (power, welding wire, shielding gas, pressurized air) is routed for maximized performance.

The ArcPack for the IRB 1410 is a robotic welding package designed to offer high quality welds and intelligent controls to manage welding applications in metal fabrication. ArcPack’s Memory Channel function allows programming of different parameters within one function: welding voltage, wire feed speed, creep start, and burn-back.

ABB partnered with Fronius Technology to develop the ArcPack U2. This product features the IRB 1520ID with Fronius welding equipment to make a modular entry-level welding cell with two fixed stations. It is available as a complete welding function package or as an integrated cell.

ABB FlexArc robotic welding cells are complete systems ensuring the welding processes run smoothly.

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