Lightweight Robots Still Carry a Powerful Punch

Lightweight robots are able to add incredible amounts of productivity with their versatile mountings and wide work envelopes. For instance, the Motoman DX1350N can help part finishing applications with their fast speeds and ability to manipulate a variety of part types.

Lightweight Robots Still Carry a Powerful Punch


Many of the leading industrial suppliers offer lightweight options of their robots.

The Motoman DX1350N robot optimizes performance in part finishing applications. It is compact and lightweight, and can be easily mounted on the wall or on the ceiling. It features a wide work envelope as well as the fastest motion speed and highest wrist torque in its class. Its stiffness and payload gives it the ability to carry the process tool to the part, or to manipulate the part.

The Motoman HS-5-450 is a compact SCARA robot ideal for part handling, assembly, part kitting, and lab automation. The JRC controller uses lightweight programming pendants and easy-to-use programming language.

The Fanuc ARC Mate 100iA is a lightweight, compact robot specially designed for arc welding applications. It boasts the newest servo technology for accurate and high-speed performance.

Lightweight material handling is made simple with the compact Fanuc M-1iA. It has a spider-like body that weighs only 17 kg, and it can fit into tight spots. It is suited for many applications as well as educational uses within industries. Robots of this size are ideal for pharmaceutical, plastics, electronics, or packaging industries. The customer can decide between the 4-axis and 6-axis versions, although both robots are capable of high speed handling with superior repeatability.

The Fanuc M-3iA Genkotsu robot is a parallel link model for assembly and pick and place processes. This style allows for precise, quick movement within a cylindrical work envelope. The customer can choose between the 4-axis or 6-axis model, depending on his needs. All of the models are lightweight and are available with food grade coatings.

If the application is spot welding, the lightweight Fanuc R-1000iA/100F robot does not sacrifice performance. Its compact body ensures fast cycle times while conserving energy. The slim arm uses less space, allowing automation lines to be streamlined. It can be floor mounted or inverted. The lightweight model is more energy efficient than heavier robots, and has a large work envelope with high wrist loads.

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