Lincoln Electric working with Fanuc for robot wire feeding

Lincoln electric produces wire feeders for Fanuc robots. Robotic wire feeders are built to fit onto joint three of the robot's six axis body. They are required for MIG, pulsed, flux cored, and metal cored welding.

Lincoln Electric working with Fanuc for robot wire feeding


Robotic welding is a common process in several manufacturing fields worldwide. Metal products are welded by robots using welding guns made by companies like Lincoln Electric. These guns need robot wire feeders to complete their welding tasks.

One of the largest robotic welding companies in the world, Fanuc, uses Lincoln Electric robot wire feeders on their ARC Mate series robots. The robotic wire feeders are built to fit onto joint three on the robot’s six axis body.

Wire feeders are needed for robots that perform MIG, pulsed, flux cored and metal cored welding. One of Lincoln Electric’s models, the AutoDrive wire feeder, can be used for all these types of welding. This 4-roll robotic wire feeder system can actually be used for either hard automation or robotic automation systems.

The robot wire feeding from LE is easy to use because there are no extra tools needed for wire guiding, drive rolling or arm pressure adjustments, according to Lincoln Electric. This wire feeder model has higher accuracy than some other wire feeders, along with being more durable because of the cast aluminum system.

Overall, LE provides the Fanuc ARC Mate iC series robots with a nesting robot wire feeder that optimizes any Fanuc welding solution by maximizing the robot’s acceleration and throughput, the site stated.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator for several different robotics companies across the United States, has access to many different robot wire feeding systems and other parts for your robot welding package. We partner with companies like Fanuc and Lincoln Electric to make sure that our customers have access to everything they need for a complete, successful robotic solution for their facility.

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