Modular Packaging Robot

PackWorld is a modular packaging robot that can handle low-cost, high functionality packaging applications for a quick delivery. The modular packaging robot solution will provide low engineering costs, increased productivity, and decreased worker safety issues.

Modular Packaging Robot


PackWorld, developed by Motoman, is an innovative pre-engineered solution for robotic packaging. The modular cell is equipped to handle low-cost, high functionality packaging applications with a focus on quick delivery. The benefits of this modular standard solution are low engineering costs, increased productivity, and decreased worker delays and safety issues.

Components of PackWorld include a 6-axis robot, NX100 controller and application-driven software, integrated gripper package, divider rack, power conveyor, and operator interface. Motoman’s SV3X, HP6, HP20, and UP50N robot models can be integrated with the system.

The robots’ grippers can be mechanical or vacuum, depending on the manufacturer’s packaging requirements. The grippers can be reconfigured to accommodate a wide range of product types, and random orientation is not a problem. They also allow multiple picks simultaneously.

PackWorld is equipped with special power failure recovery processing, and homing operations will not be necessary after a power loss due to the absolute encoders. This ensures the user does not have to spend time and money on re-starting the system after a power failure or other shutdowns.

The add-on modules for PackWorld encourage customization and system upgrading. These options include off-line programming, label printing and applying, belt or two-strand conveyor and multiple product infeed conveyors, partition inserter, and case erector.

Motoman’s high-speed robots are ideal for packaging, and PackWorld ensures modules are integrated with the robot for fast and efficient packaging operations. RobotWorx is an authorized integrator of Motoman robots. If you would like to incorporate a modular packaging robot, contact us today online or at 877-762-6881.