Molding and Metal in Dayton, Ohio


Dayton, Ohio is home to one of the only military bases in Ohio – Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. With the defense department so closely linked to the area, as well as the rich manufacturing tradition in Ohio overall, manufacturers in Dayton depend on robotics to continue to expand and improve their businesses year after year.

Dayton companies like Mosher Machine and Tool and Mancor Industries prove that companies large and small can benefit from robotic automation. The machining and tooling industry benefits highly from robotics because of the great precision and accuracy that is brought to the table by a robotic end effector. Unlike a manual machining application, a robotic application rules almost any error, and is quicker than any human worker. This increases the speed of production, while also improving the quality of the product.

Companies like Mancor can use robots for weldingassemblydeburringgrindingpainting and any other application that may be needed to form their specialized metal parts. Also, by using robotics, companies like these keep human workers away from the dangerous fumes and particles that are sometimes released during metal working.

But, it’s not just Dayton metal companies that are benefiting from the use of robotics. Their plastics industry is booming with robot automation as well. Companies like Encon that make preformed plastics, and Daytom Molded Urethanes, which specializes in plastics for automobiles and industrial usage, can use robots for their injection molding processes, as well as loading and unloadingpart transfer, and packaging.

Dayton, Ohio companies that need robotic systems and parts can turn to integrators like RobotWorx for all their robot needs. RobotWorx, a certified integrator for FANUCABBMotomanUniversal Robots, and KUKA robotics, has access to hundreds of robot models through our partnerships. If you are looking to automate your shop, and you need a highly-skilled staff of engineers and technicians to help you do it, contact RobotWorx today online or at 740-251-4312.

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