Packaging Robots Are Worth While

Packaging robots are the best investment you could make to increase the productivity on your production line. Packaging robots ensure flexibility, reliability, shorter cycle times, and new packaging designs. Furthermore, the packaging robots help to ensure that products arrive on time and without any damage.

Packaging Robots Are Worth While


Packing boxes, cartons, crates or cases: packaging automation is the fastest way to ensure flexibility, productivity, and reliability in packaging operations. To compete with demands for shorter cycle times, new packaging designs, multiple pack sizes, and batch manufacturing, packaging robots are the solution.

Packaging robots are being increasingly incorporated into the machine control system, and the entire application is usually now controlled from the system’s PLC. With new developments in vision tracking, packaging robots are more useful than ever. From food and beverage packing to pharmaceutical packaging, robots are more accurate and reliable than their human counterparts. They ensure products arrive at their destination without any damage or hygiene issues, and accelerates production simultaneously.

ABB offers a range of 4-axis and 6-axis packing robot models with best-in-class conveyor tracking. The robots are equipped to perform robot-based case packing, which is when smaller boxes are packed into larger ones. Racetrack packing, when many items are picked simultaneously with the aid of grippers, is also a possibility. ABB’s robots have been used to pack medicine at Astra Zeneca, chicken fillets at Steggles Foods, and sausages at Scan. Their versatility is apparent, and which model should be used depends on the conditions of the application. Some of the most popular models are the IRB 260, IRB 2400, and the ABB FlexPicker.

Fanuc’s M-420iA robot, equipped with iRVision tracking, is designed for high-speed manufacturing applications: not just packaging, but also picking, palletizing, material handling, machine load/unload, and parts transfer. It boasts the fastest times for a 4-axis packing robot at 57 cycles per minute. The M-420iA was chosen to pick and pack boxes of Oreo cookies, and its dexterity allows it to work on multiple packaging lines with one unit.

The Motoman HP20-6 is a dynamic, high-speed robot with a compact design. It can be placed close to the workpiece and requires minimal installation space. However, it offers the widest working envelope in its class. The NX100Controller offers multiple robot control capabilities, allowing up to four robots to be used together to optimize productivity.

Regardless of the packaging requirements, packaging robots are fast and effective at their job. RobotWorx offers a large variety of packaging robots. For help in choosing the right one for your facility, contact RobotWorx online or call 877-762-6881.