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Motoman HP20-6
HP20-6 Information

Offering superior performance in handling, machine tending, packaging, cutting, and dispensing applications, the Motoman HP20-6 is a great fit for many factory automation applications.  It is a dynamic, high speed robot with a compact design and built-in collision avoidance.  The Motoman HP 20-6 NX100 is compact and requires minimal installation space.  It also offers the widest working envelope in its class.

This versatile high-speed industrial robot has a slim base, waist, and arm.  This design allows the robot to be placed close to the workpiece holding fixtures to improve part accessibility.

There are also a wide variety of used robots available for sale through RobotWorx, including the used Motoman HP20-6. The used HP20-6 has undergone a meticulous refurbishment process and includes the RobotWorx Value Package.

The HP20-6 Motoman robot features the advanced NX100 Controller.  This high-performance controller uses the user-friendly INFORM III programming language.  The NX100 offers unmatched multiple robot control capabilities that minimizes the cost of integration and eliminates the risk of robot collisions.

Robot Specifications
Axes: 6
Payload: 6kg
V-Reach 3459mm
H-Reach: 1915mm
Repeatability: ± 0.06mm
Robot Mass: 285kg
Structure: Vertical jointed-arm type
Mounting: Floor
Robot Motion Speed
S-Axis 170 °/s (2.97 rad/s)
L-Axis 170 °/s (2.97 rad/s)
U-Axis 175 °/s (3.05 rad/s)
R-Axis 355 °/s (6.2 rad/s)
B-Axis 345 °/s (6.02 rad/s)
T-Axis 525 °/s (9.16 rad/s)
Robot Motion Range
S-Axis ±180°
L-Axis +155° - 110°
U-Axis +255° - 165°
R-Axis ±200°
B-Axis +230° - 150°
T-Axis ±360°
Robot Controllers
Robotic Applications
Arc Welding
Machine Tending
Material Handling
Pick and Place
Plasma Cutting
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