Part Transfer Robots - A Cost Effective Solution

Automating your part transfer process will help to more effectively transition your parts from one location to another. Part transfer robots are a cost effective and safe solution for adding to your production line. Part transfer robots have been innovated with additional options such as vision systems.

Part Transfer Robots - A Cost Effective Solution


Part transferring is self-explanatory: it is a type of material handling in which the robot transfers parts from one location to another. Since transferring heavy and cumbersome parts can be dangerous for humans, part transfer robots are a cost-effective and safe solution. They also help speed production. Recent advances in robot end-of-arm tooling as well as vision systems continue to increase the value of part transfer robots.

Fanuc Robotics offers an all-encompassing line of industrial part transfer robots. Fanuc’s part transfer robots can perform up to 30 cycles per minute and can handle anywhere from a 2 kg to a 1200 kg payload. All of the robots are equipped with iRVision, which provides real time error proofing to ensure quality and proper packaging. The Fanuc M-2000iA can handle applications other robots cannot; for instance, The Fanuc M-2000iA/1200 was chosen by Ellison Technologies to transfer large weldments. The robot’s end-of-arm gripper is designed to pick and place four different types of weldments. The M-2000iA/1200 uses 3DL iRVision to locate the weldment on a conveyer, and after picking up the weldment, uses 2D iRVision to locate the weldment in its gripper. All of Fanuc’s systems operate together seamlessly.

Motoman Robotics offers robots that can transfer parts of all shapes and sizes with payloads from 2-600 kg. Motoman’s robots are dual-arm, allowing the robot to transfer a part without ever having to set it down. Press tending robots can even pass parts to one another. The DA20 model boasts a 13-axis design (six axes per arm and a single axis for base rotation) and “human-like” flexible movement.

KUKA designs its part transfer robots specifically to handle a wide range of applications. The KR 500 L340-3 model has a large work envelope and an extended reach. The KR 60-3 has a fist-shaped work envelope and enables the user to implement space-saving system concepts.

Because of the recent advances in part transfer technologies, robots are becoming even more beneficial when a process requires part transfer. RobotWorx can help you choose the right part transferring robot. Contact us here or call 877-762-6881.