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Sep 1, 2013

Robots.com is proud to offer a wide variety of new and used picking robots. All of the picking robots in our inventory have excellent repeatability for the necessary precision and efficiency required. Picking robots can help take over the fatiguing and repetitive tasks.


Repeata­bil­i­ty is essen­tial for pick­ing robots, as they need to sus­tain pre­cise and effi­cient move­ments. Pick­ing automa­tion speeds the process of pick­ing up parts to place them in dif­fer­ent loca­tions. Pick­ing robots replace man­u­al work­ers who would eas­i­ly fatigue from the rep­e­ti­tious nature of the pick­ing process.

The newest inno­va­tions in the Fanuc fam­i­ly of pick­ing robots are the M‑1iA and M‑3iA Delta Robots. Delta robots have mechan­i­cal axes that act on the robot face­plate in par­al­lel instead of in series, pro­mot­ing quick and pre­cise move­ments (with top speeds of 10 meters per sec­ond). The M‑1iA is a light­weight par­al­lel-link robot designed for high-speed pick­ing and oth­er assem­bly appli­ca­tions. It has a slim foot­print and enve­lope. The M‑3iA is struc­tured sim­i­lar­ly and can han­dle 6kg pay­loads. It also boasts the largest work enve­lope of its class. Both of these mod­els are avail­able in 4 and 6‑axis versions.

The M‑3iA robots can be used in a wide range of facil­i­ties, from auto­mo­tive to bak­ing. A food option is avail­able with this mod­el in which food-grade grease is used. It can with­stand wash­down and can work with pri­ma­ry (unpack­aged) and sec­ondary (pack­aged) food prod­ucts. Since ran­dom­ly ori­ent­ed parts can present a prob­lem to pick­ers, intel­li­gent vision sys­tems’ impor­tance is para­mount. Fanuc equips its robots with iRVi­sion Visu­al Track­ing to pick ran­dom­ly locat­ed parts and place them on conveyors.

ABB devel­oped the IRB 360 Flex­Pick­er as a sec­ond gen­er­a­tion Flex­Pick­er mod­el, tout­ed to be even more pro­duc­tive than the first. The IRB 360 is an ide­al solu­tion for pick and place appli­ca­tions, offer­ing out­stand­ing fea­tures like speed, high pay­load, accu­ra­cy, and reli­a­bil­i­ty. Three ver­sions are avail­able: the com­pact ver­sion with a small foot­print, the stan­dard ver­sion with a work­ing range of 1130 mm, and the high pay­load ver­sion that car­ries up to 3kg. 

ABB’s Pick­Mas­ter PC based soft­ware is inte­grat­ed with IRC5 or S4Cplus robot con­trol sys­tems. It offers pow­er­ful vision iden­ti­fi­ca­tion and inspec­tion along with a con­vey­or track­ing process, pro­vid­ing flex­i­bil­i­ty and suc­cess­ful pro­duc­tion. The avail­able ver­sions are Pick­Mas­ter 3 and Pick­Mas­ter 5, both using the same graph­i­cal design con­cept and soft­ware structure.

Robots​.com inte­grates indus­tri­al robots, to include pick­ing robots. To find out more on which pick­ing robot is best for you and your com­pa­ny, con­tact us today online or at 8777626881.

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