Picking Robots at RobotWorx

RobotWorx is proud to offer a wide variety of new and used picking robots. All of the picking robots in our inventory have excellent repeatability for the necessary precision and efficiency required. Picking robots can help take over the fatiguing and repetitive tasks.

Picking Robots at RobotWorx


Repeatability is essential for picking robots, as they need to sustain precise and efficient movements. Picking automation speeds the process of picking up parts to place them in different locations. Picking robots replace manual workers who would easily fatigue from the repetitious nature of the picking process.

The newest innovations in the Fanuc family of picking robots are the M-1iA and M-3iA Delta Robots. Delta robots have mechanical axes that act on the robot faceplate in parallel instead of in series, promoting quick and precise movements (with top speeds of 10 meters per second). The M-1iA is a lightweight parallel-link robot designed for high-speed picking and other assembly applications. It has a slim footprint and envelope. The M-3iA is structured similarly and can handle 6kg payloads. It also boasts the largest work envelope of its class. Both of these models are available in 4 and 6-axis versions.

The M-3iA robots can be used in a wide range of facilities, from automotive to baking. A food option is available with this model in which food-grade grease is used. It can withstand washdown and can work with primary (unpackaged) and secondary (packaged) food products. Since randomly oriented parts can present a problem to pickers, intelligent vision systems’ importance is paramount. Fanuc equips its robots with iRVision Visual Tracking to pick randomly located parts and place them on conveyors.

ABB developed the IRB 360 FlexPicker as a second generation FlexPicker model, touted to be even more productive than the first. The IRB 360 is an ideal solution for pick and place applications, offering outstanding features like speed, high payload, accuracy, and reliability. Three versions are available: the compact version with a small footprint, the standard version with a working range of 1130 mm, and the high payload version that carries up to 3kg.

ABB’s PickMaster PC based software is integrated with IRC5 or S4Cplus robot control systems. It offers powerful vision identification and inspection along with a conveyor tracking process, providing flexibility and successful production. The available versions are PickMaster 3 and PickMaster 5, both using the same graphical design concept and software structure.

RobotWorx integrates industrial robots, to include picking robots. To find out more on which picking robot is best for you and your company, contact us today online or at 877-762-6881.