Robotic Spindling

If you are seeking a more consistent, precise, and higher product quality, than consider automating your spindling process. Spindling robots are the perfect choice for material removal, deburring, milling, or precise routing. They help the final product come up clean and uniform, satisfying the customer and keeping their loyalty with you and your production line.

Robotic Spindling


Automated spindling can produce a more consistent, precise, and overall high quality product (compared to manual work) for a variety of applications. Spindling robots are excellent choices for applications such as material removal, deburring, milling, or precise routing. They help to make work pieces clean and uniform for manufacturing processes.

Since the spindling process produces large amounts of dust and particles during the material removal process, an automated robot helps to keep humans free and clear of the resulting hazardous working environment.

Depending on the specific needs of your job and application, there are a variety of EOATs (such as the Columbo Pneumatic Spindle) and robot models (available from FANUC, ABB, Motoman, and KUKA) to enhance your spindling productivity.

For instance, the LR Mate 200iB from FANUC is a customer favorite. It is a very versatile, compact robot that can be used for numerous applications, making your production line more dynamic. There are a variety of mounting options and it has the ability to flip over backwards, increasing its overall work envelope. Additionally, the LR Mate 200-iB R-30iA can use machine vision for guidance and inspection, and has high joint speeds that maximizes throughput, saving the consumer time and labor costs.

Motoman takes pride in their EH80 model that is a master at tackling handling applications at high speeds. With an 80 kg payload, internal cabling, and a huge working envelope, it is hard to beat.

The KUKA KR 60 HA (seen in the video above) is incredibly accurate and made with finer gears to be able to precisely finish jobs in a variety of applications. This model can tackle 30 kg, and the other two models can tackle 30 kg or 100 kg!

Another customer favorite, the ABB IRB 140 gives the production line a multipurpose robot (IP 67 rating) that can rotate 360 degrees with fast accelerations and complete a large working envelope. It can be mounted via floor, suspended, or wall. This reliable IRB140 robot is a truly a great addition to any facility.

The representatives at RobotWorx take pride in their ability to listen to the customer’s needs and integrate the perfect industrial robot arm with spindles or other necessary EOATs. Whatever it is that your job needs, RobotWorx is ready to customize.

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