Speedy Handling with FANUC Robots

Material handling automation systems are one of the most popular robotic applications on the market. They are able to increase the speed, productivity, and keep companies competitive on a global scale. FANUC robotic material handlers are some of the best robots on the market, offering a wide range of options to customers.

Speedy Handling with FANUC Robots

Material Handling Robots

A far cry from the manual applications that used to dominate the material handling industry before the industrial age, material handling is currently one of the most popular robotic application families on the market. Manufacturers are actively increasing the level of speed, competition, and productivity on their production line by choosing FANUC robotic material handlers.

FANUC Robotics has been producing a wide range of robotic systems that are able to handle a wide variety of material handling applications. Whether it be assembly, press tending, small parts handling, picking, packaging, etc., FANUC material handling robots are able to perform their operations incredibly well.

A fast option for any light industrial application or laboratory environment would be the compact FANUC LR Mate 200iB. This FANUC model is designed to handle a wide-range of small parts in many different working environments, while offering a higher payload than similar models. All five of the models available can tackle assembly, material handling, clean-room, industrial washing, and food handling, all while flipping over backwards to increase the work envelope.

If you are looking for another speedy option for handling, than the FANUC ARC Mate 100iCe may be for you! It is fast, reliable, and precise with a 10 kg payload and a 1,420mm reach.

For industrial applications with a medium payload (up to 70 kg), the FANUC M710iC/70 offers incredibly fast axis speeds without sacrificing precision. It can tackle numerous material handling jobs.

The FANUC M-10iA/10M offers an even heavier payload (up to 100 kg) with a very slim footprint and top inertia ratings. This robot has greatly improved motion and is very versatile with its material handling and removal applications.

Finally, for other heavy duty jobs you may want to consider the fast, but slim-armed, FANUC R-2000iB/165F. This robot is excellent at material handling, dispensing, and other applications. This model has a 165kg payload and 2,655mm reach.

If you supply your company with FANUC material handling robots, you are investing in a speedy robot system that is going to overall improve the product quality and productivity of your line.

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