The Heavy-Duty and Compact R2000iA/210F Tackles a Variety of Applications

FANUC R-2000iA/210F robot

The FANUC R-2000iA/210F is a six-axis, heavy duty industrial robot that has a light, fast, and compact arm, none of which sacrifice its great reach or high payload. The R-2000iA/210F is a hard worker with an industry leading payload capacity, tackling any payload up to 210 kg and a reach of 2650mm. 

It is a multipurpose robot used for a variety of applications across all sorts of industries. It can be used for spot weldingpart transfermaterial removal, and dispensing. The slim profile and design of the R-2000iA/210F enable it to fit in confined spaces, making it especially beneficial in press tending, injection molding and die casting. Many car industries also swipe up the R-2000iA/210F as it is an incredibly capable machine that can conquering gluing, grinding, de-burring, finishing, MIG, TIG, and polishing.

The R2000iA robot series is more useful than earlier generations that used a parallel arm. This robot has a single sided lower arm that helps the robot “flip over” and work behind itself. It truly is the perfect addition to any shop with this fast overhead and behind reach.

What is more to love is that it can fit where most robots would not with its slim profile design. The wrist design of the R2000iA is compact and narrow and driven by motors placed at the back of the arm and through the drive-shafts.  This also helps it fit in tight places and helps with the balance and weight distribution.

The FANUC R2000iA/210F robot is paired with the stable and reliable R-J3iB intelligent robot controller. This controller has powerful programming, fast boot-up time, great connectivity, and expandable I/O and bus options.

For all of these reasons, the R-2000iA/210F is a great addition to any work shop. Two close relatives and also common choices by the same industries are the R2000iA/165F which is the standard 165kg payload arm and the R2000iA/125L, which is the long arm version giving extra reach.

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