Thermal spray in the hills – Farmington Hills, MI

If you are looking to make your life easier on the automobile bonding and sealing production line, than consider integrating industrial robots. Industrial robots are the perfect option for sealing applications because of their error-proof abilities, increased efficiency, and an overall better product quality. This is seen in Farmington Hills, Michigan with thermal spray.

Thermal spray in the hills – Farmington Hills, MI


There is a long history of automotive manufacturing in Farmington Hills, Michigan, a story that rings true throughout the state up north. Farmington Hills continues that automotive history with a variety of manufacturing to supply that industry – including thermal spray and sealing technology.

One of the best ways to coat a piece of metal is to use a thermal spray application, which mixes heat and oxygen to melt powder and spray it on a work piece. If you want a piece thermal sprayed in Farmington Hills, you can send it to Midwest Thermal Spray. Like other coating services, thermal spray companies can benefit from robotic automation in several ways. A thermal flame spray robot will apply a smooth, consistent coating on a work piece and use less coating material than a manual application.

Robots can also make life easier for those in the automobile bonding and sealing game, like Henniges Automotive, a Farmington Hills, MI company that specializes in sealing and anti-vibration solutions for vehicles. Robotic automation is well suited for sealing applications because of their ability to error-proof. When you invest in a sealing robot, you are making sure that the sealing adhesive will be applied with pinpoint accuracy and that just enough adhesive has been applied. Also, the adhesive is applied in a quicker, more efficient method. The same cannot be said for manual adhesive application.

So, where do thermal spray and sealing companies look to when they need robotic systems to meet their specific needs? Well, they can look south to Marion, Ohio and RobotWorx. RobotWorx, a certified integrator for ABB, KUKA, Motoman, and Fanuc robotics. By choosing RobotWorx, you are choosing a company that has access to several hundred robot models to meet all of your application needs.

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