Vehicle and Furniture Production in Elkhart, IN

Elkhard, Indiana is home to a wide range of businesses that are using industrial robots to help save their company time and money. For example, MOR/ryde International, specializes in the creation of suspensions and other metal fabrications for vehicles. They have found that industrial robots are able to create stronger and more precise welds.

Vehicle and Furniture Production in Elkhart, IN


While Indiana was not one of the first states to industrialize, once natural gas was discovered, manufacturers flocked to the area. While many of those manufacturers have moved to other countries over the years, there are some companies that have decided to stick it out and continue to thrive in the Indiana economy. Companies that make vehicle parts and furniture are still going strong in places like Elkhart, Indiana today.

The Carpenter Company, an Indiana company based in Elkhart, makes several different products for the home and automobile industries. The company creates bedding, air filters, flexible foam, carpet cushion, etc. These companies, the ones that cater to several different types of materials and industries, can benefit from robotic automation more than most. Robots, especially those with touch and vision sensors, allow for a great diversity in the products that are produced on the same line. By having this kind of flexibility, manufacturers can change products often and stay competitive in the market while saving money on extra equipment.

Another company, MOR/ryde International, is all about automobiles. They specialize in building suspensions and other metal fabrications for vehicles. For companies like MOR/ryde, robotic automation is vital to their production. Robotic welders can create stronger, more precise welds at a faster rate than any manual application, and robots can also be used for cutting metal parts for the welders to assemble. By investing in robotics, these companies would save money and time on production, while also getting more product into the marketplace.

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