Versatility at It's Finest: Motoman's UP165 Heavy Duty Robot

The integration of a Motoman UP165 heavy duty robot will help to bring increased time and money savings to your production line. It is a thoughtfully designed automation solution, using its highly versatile 6-axes of motions to tackle up to 165 kg payloads. It can accomplish a wide array of applications such as assembly, packaging, palletizing, grinding, polishing, gluing, sealing, cutting, and more!

Versatility at It's Finest: Motoman's UP165 Heavy Duty Robot

Motoman UP165 Robot

There is no doubt that any purchase of a Motoman robot will save your company money, time, and enhance your product value. Yasakawa Motoman spends a great deal of time thoughtfully designing a variety of robots to best suit the needs of various applications. This is especially the case with Motoman’s UP165. It is a highly versatile, 6-axis industrial robot that seems to do it all, especially the heavy duty jobs as it can tackle up to 165 kg payload! The Motoman UP165 can complete a wide array of applications such as handling, assembling, spraying, polishing, painting, packaging, palletizing, grinding, gluing, sealing, cutting, deburring, machine tending, and spot welding. There are additional application-specific software options available, when necessary. What more could you possibly need?

Strength, Speed, and Power:

The UP 165 is one of the strongest robots of its type, offering superior performance and producing high quality products. The UP 165 XRC has an incredible work envelope (up to 2,650 mm (104.3") with a repetitive positioning accuracy of +-0.2mm. It's space saving arm can extend behind the body which helps tools to be placed at the back, providing easy access to weld guns for maintenance. This large work envelope doesn't require much floor space, the UP165 requires only a minimal footprint. Additionally, the UP165 has Advanced Sigma motors that help it work powerfully and smoothly at high speeds. This helps to save money and leave space for other necessary jobs on your production line.

Extended Reach Option:

If your job needs an even longer, extended reach, then you may want to consider the UP165-100. It offers a horizontal reach of up to 3,001mm which provides for an even larger work envelope and the ability to store EOAT close by for easy maintenance access. This robot offers a 100kg maximum payload capacity and an IP65 certified wrist, with the same high axis speeds as the 165.


The powerful robot can be used as a 6-axis part positioner when paired with the patented XRC controller. This allows the UP165 to achieve unmatched flexibility. The XRC controller is able to produce the desired speeds while also offering simple and accurate programming tools with built in programming functions such as timers, palletizing patterns, and search functions.

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The Motoman UP165 robot with XRC controller is a very capable, multi purpose robot. It is the perfect solution for any job that require a high payload, fast speeds, and pinpoint accuracy. Contact RobotWorx experts today online or at 740-251-4312.

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