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What do the KUKA abbreviations represent?


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KUKA, an acronym for Keller und Knappich Augsburg,  specializes in the manufacturing of industrial robots and automation solutions. A little history to better understand the meaning of the name. KUKA was founded in 1898, in Augsburg, Germany by Johann Josef Keller and Jacob Knappich. It's beginning focus was on house and street lights; they eventually grew and merged with part of Industrie-Werke Karlsruhe AG to become Industrie-Werke Karlsruhe Augsburg Aktiengesellschaft, or KUKA for short.

A lot of KUKA robots have abbreviations in their name to help delineate the job it specializes in. If you aren't certain what those letters mean, look no further!  We have provided a guide, below, to help clarify the meaning of the KUKA model letters to aid in your selection of the most perfect robot for your automation needs. 

HA= high accuracy, exampleKUKA KR60 

KS= shelf mount, example: KUKA KR30-4 KS  

F= foundry, example: KUKA KR60-3 F 

CR= cleanroom, example:  KUKA KR-30-3 CR 

KS-F= shelf mount, foundry, example: KUKA KR-30-3 KS F 

PA= palletizing, example: KUKA KR-180 PA

Press= press-to-press, example: KUKA KR 100 P 

Arc= arc welding, example: KUKA KR 6 arc 

HW= hollow wrist, example: KUKA KR-5-2 arc HW 

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