What are you having? Robots in the service industry

Robots are now being seen in all capacities, including the service industry. As technology continues to evolve, we will begin to see robots help with all aspects of life.

What are you having? Robots in the service industry


Something that used to be an idea only in movies – robots interacting with humans in a service capacity – is becoming more prevalent in society.

Though we may not realize it, we interact with service robots every day. When we go through the self-checkout lane at the grocery store, that is a robot. When we use a ticket kiosk at the movie theater, that is a robot. Even when we order a pizza online, we are still interacting with a robot, of sorts.

Now, robots are being designed to serve drinks at local bars and coffee shops. A Texas-based company, Briggo Coffee, believes that robotic baristas can bring a level of accuracy and precision to coffee that is not possible for human workers.

The company believes that consistency with each drink, along with remote ordering and personalization, will be agreeable to customers.

That kind of consistency can also be helpful to the bartending industry, where a long pour or a short pour can be the difference between a great drink and one that is too much to handle.

MIT’s Sensable City Lab is one of the group working to perfect the robotic bartender. The robot can not only pour an accurate drink, it can also slice a lemon and shake a cocktail shaker like any human bartender.

What’s good about both of these service robots? They don’t fatigue, they don’t need breaks and they don’t need vacations or days off.

While industrial robots won’t be able to pour you a cocktail or serve you a coffee anytime soon, they can use their arms to perform many pick and place functions with stunning accuracy. Once again, like these service robots, industrial pick and place robots don’t fatigue.

Several models, including the Fanuc M-1iA, the Motoman DIA10 and the KUKA KR6, are available through Robots.com for integration.

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