ABB's Robo-TiGTiP Welding Brings Innovation to the Welding Game


History has proven that ABB is ceaselessly striving and innovating to be among the best. This hard work and dedication never fails to create amazing solutions to current problems and ultimately meet the customer's needs and/or specific requests. Thus, it is no surprise that ABB has produced a revolutionary welding technology that is highly sought after as it offers amazing benefits to the manufacturer and customer, alike! 

Robo-TiPTiG welding is one of the most effective robotic welding functions available. It is able to produce faster and cleaner welds, with a lower heat, enhancing the product quality and workplace safety.  Truly changing the welding game in nearly every industry! 

ABB's ingenious TIP/TIG welding system enables an easy integration of robots in a way that is user-friendly. The entire process is super easy to learn, to teach, and to use. We couldn't imagine an easier, more valuable solution to your welding needs! 

This application is different from normal TIG welding as there is a vibratory effect added to the filler wire. This then creates an oscillation that is transferred into the weld, disrupting the surface tension and agitating the weld pool. The benefits this small amount of additional movement brings are quite large. For example, they provide greater tolerance to joint fit-up, increase the fluidity of the weld pool, have a higher deposition, reduced heat input, and overall reduced cycle time. 

Typically, TIG welding is one of the slower forms of welding, but ABB has been able to improve speeds (up to four times!) and overall quality with their automated TIP/TIG welding.

This patent pending technology is available as a package which includes the Robo-TiPTiG torch technology and a fully integrated robotic interface. Learn more about this application here.

Get ready to increase your welding process with ABB's Robo-TiPTiG system! If you are looking for an automation system that offers efficiency, flexibility, and high speed performance then this is the perfect option for your welding needs!  TIP/TIG can round out your manufacturing process and bring excellent capability and versatility. 

RobotWorx is a certified integrator for ABB and is ready to discuss your exact needs. For more information contact experts today online or at 740-251-4312.

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