Making the Switch to a Robotic Welding Arm


Compared to manual welding, robotic welding provides many advantages ranging from increased safety and productivity to minimized waste and better weld quality. 

Still, many companies hesitate to make the switch and lose out. Converting a manual welding set-up to a welding robot system doesn't have to be intimidating. RobotWorx provides robotic welding arm solutions that are affordable and easy to implement.  

Inventory Variety:
RobotWorx carries a wide selection of fully reconditioned, low-cost used robot arms from major manufacturers including MotomanFANUCKUKAUniversal Robots, and ABB. Some of the reconditioned robotic welding arms RobotWorx has acquired recently include the Motoman EA1800EA1900NUP6 XRCUP20 XRC, and SK45.

Top Quality for Less:
Each and every RobotWorx robotic welding arm passes through an intensive reconditioning process. Reliable used robotic arms like these offer a low-cost solution with price points 40-60% lower than brand new robot models.

Integration Services:
RobotWorx' integration team works with each company to identify and target specific weld quality, cell set-up, and other application goals. Each robotic welding arm is integrated with other components (welding torch, power supply, controller, wire harnesses, cables, and feeds) to allow for streamlined installation and top quality weld performance.

For more information about the robotic welding arms RobotWorx is selling, call 740-251-4312.

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