The Motoman SDA Two Arm Robot Series

Sep 16, 2010

Motoman Slim Dual Arm (SDA) robots bring 15-axes of speed, dexterity, and repeatability with their human-like movement. Motoman SDA robots are perfect for assembly, pick and place, machine tending, and more as they are designed with a central "torso" and two articulated arms. These robots are bringing best-in-class wrist characteristics and fast accelerations to production lines across the globe.

Motoman SDA 2 arm robots

Motoman SDA (Slim Dual Arm) robots are slim and agile 15-axis dual-arm robots that com­bine human-like move­ment with robot­ic speed, dex­ter­i­ty, and repeata­bil­i­ty. They pro­vide a per­fect match for assem­bly, pick and place, machine tend­ing, and oth­er appli­ca­tions as these unique robots are designed with a cen­tral tor­so” and two artic­u­lat­ed arms. The Motoman SDA series pro­vide fast accel­er­a­tions and best-in-class wrist char­ac­ter­is­tics and a host of oth­er advan­tages to bring to your pro­duc­tion line. 

The Ulti­mate in Flexibility:

Motoman SDA robots have a total of 15 axes of move­ment, sev­en in each arm, one in the base. The two arms can be pro­grammed to work inde­pen­dent­ly or togeth­er. Put a slight­ly dif­fer­ent way, SDA arm move­ments can be syn­chro­nized or com­plete­ly distinct.

Take Advan­tage of SDA Teamwork:

With a two arm robot, the need for cost­ly posi­tion­ers and tool­ing is min­i­mized. One arm can act as the posi­tion­er, hold­ing the part in place, while the oth­er arm per­forms the rest of the appli­ca­tion (i.e. weld­ing, assembly).

Dou­ble the Dis­tance, Payload:

SDA robots pro­vide more pay­load and work enve­lope options. When both arms work togeth­er, their pay­load capac­i­ty com­pounds. The SDA20D, for instance, has a 20kg pay­load per arm, for a com­bined 40kg pay­load. In the same man­ner, the two arms of SDA robots can work togeth­er to offer excep­tion­al hor­i­zon­tal reach from side to side of the torso.

Stay in Con­trol, Stay Safe:

Motoman two arm robots work with the high per­for­mance DX100 con­trollers. Plus, all cabling is rout­ed inside the arms and tor­so, increas­ing safe­ty and mak­ing for eas­i­er programming.

To help answer your spe­cif­ic appli­ca­tion needs, Motoman has cre­at­ed the SDA series that has three robot mod­els with grad­u­at­ing pay­load capac­i­ties: the SDA5D, SDA10D, and SDA20D.

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