Fanuc Collaborative Robot Series

The Fanuc collaborative series excels at working hand in hand with human workers and includes some of the safest and strongest robots yet. Manufacturers can expect the same quality from Fanuc as their Collaborative robots maintain the same level of reliability and durability. One provides the ability to handle up to 35kg! Additionally, Fanuc has surrounded each series with a soft, protective shell to avoid pinch points and make it soft to touch.

These collaborative robots are equipped with vision and 3D sensors that work together for more effective and safer operations. They also help to ensure these robots stop when it comes in the vicinity of a human worker. Due to the reinforced safety features, Fanuc Cobot robot series also requires minimal amounts of safety fencing or other barriers.

The Fanuc series can collaborate with workers on a variety of repetitive applications for a wide range of industries, including the automotive, packaging, distribution and metal-working industries.

Payload (kg)
Reach (mm)
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Fanuc CR-4iA

Payload: 4 kg

Reach: 550 mm

Fanuc CR-7iA

Payload: 7 kg

Reach: 717 mm

Fanuc CR-7iA/L

Payload: 7 kg

Reach: 911 mm

Fanuc CR-35iA

Payload: 35 kg

Reach: 1,813 mm

Fanuc CR-14iA/L

Payload: 14 kg

Reach: 911 mm

Fanuc CR-15iA

Payload: 15 kg

Reach: 1,441 mm

Fanuc CRX-10iA

Payload: 10 kg

Reach: 1,249 mm

Fanuc CRX-10iA/L

Payload: 10 kg

Reach: 1,418 mm