Customized Tilt Table Robot System Solution can customize a robot system with a tilt table positioner. Tilt tables have two axes of movement, tilt and rotation. The main system table rotates 360o on the Y-axis, and the additional tilt table extends out and rotates the part on the X-axis, giving the robot more access to the different sides of the part.

Tilt Table Robot Layout Example

Tilt tables are driven by two different servo motors and coordinated motion can be added to allow for synchronized motion between the robot and the tilt-rotate positioner. These types of robot systems position complex part shapes for optimal welding. The better the part is positioned the higher quality welds, improved productivity and lower risk of injury occurs. This video shows an example of what a tilt table is:

Here are some examples of pre-engineered workcells that have tilt tables, however can integrate tilt tables onto any turn table robot system for improved part movement.

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