ABB Used Robot Controllers

​ABB Robotics offers some of the best robots and controllers out there. At RobotWorx, we are proud to offer both new and used ABB robot controllers. The used ABB controllers that we have to offer are the S4C, the IRC5 and the IRC5P.

ABB Used Robot Controllers


ABB Robotics is one of the top robot companies in the world, and their line of used robots is one of the best. Behind every good used robot is a used robot controller, and ABB has three used robot controllers to choose from – the S4C, the IRC5 and the IRC5P.

The used ABB S4C has an easy interface for users. The S4C is a compact unit that performs for many different earlier used ABB robot models. This robot controller can work for either a single robot system or a complex workcell. The used unit has a joystick and keypad teach pendant with a Windows-style monitor that makes it easier for users to learn. The used S4C ABB controller allows for several levels of acceleration for the system, while helping the system to maintain pinpoint accuracy during applications.

Another used ABB controller is the IRC5. The used IRC5 controller from ABB set a benchmark for the robotics industry by bringing motion control flexibility, as well as modularity, user-friendly interface, ability to control multiple robots and a PC tool support function, according to the ABB website. The used IRC5 robot controller has the advantage of operator safety and performance optimization, as well as being a cost effective solution for consumers. The used IRC5 also has the used IRC5P option for robotic painting control. The used IRC5P ABB controller increases uptime, as well as providing faster installation and quality paint applications.

By choosing used ABB controllers like the S4C, IRC5 and IRC5P, manufacturers are able to increase their productivity, while decreasing their downtime and improving the overall quality of the product being manufactured.

If you are looking to invest in a used robot controller for your ABB system, contact RobotWorx, a certified integrator for ABB Robotics. Our highly qualified staff can work with you get you the right used ABB system and controller for your facility. For more information, call RobotWorx today at 877-762-6881 or contact experts online.