Automating Furniture Production

For your furniture production needs, automated industrial robots will bring huge benefits and innovative, creative solutions. Industrial robots are able to do jobs of all sizes, making them the perfect option for integration onto your furniture production line.

Automating Furniture Production


While many may think of the automotive or electronics industry when they think about robotic automation, an industry that wouldn't immediately come to mind -- furniture production -- is starting to automated processes in factories across the world. The use of automated robotics in the furniture industry is relatively small when compared to other industries, but the opportunities are compelling.

Automated robots are used for furniture production applications including material handling and welding. MIG, spot, and arc welding, can be used, depending on the variety of furniture and the type of metal needed for the furniture construction. Automated robotic systems are used to weld desk and chair combinations for schools, as well as table and chair units for McDonald's and other fast food restaurants. Resistance welding is utilized when constructing items like filing cabinets that require thin sheet metal.

Robotic automation is also inching its way into the woodworking industry. The precision that is found by automating tasks like sawing lumber adds to the quality of the product by creating uniform pieces of wood.

There have been sawing and milling machines factories for years, but human workers are also exposed to chemicals, sawdust and other hazardous materials while working around these machines. By automating the sawing, milling, drilling, grinding, and handling of wood for furniture production, companies can improve the safety standards for their workers.

Automated robot arms are also not restricted and can adapt to different applications, pieces and projects. Their accuracy and repeatability can work quickly, even with high-precision tasks.

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