Benefits Of Six-Axis Robots

Six-axis industrial robots are one of the most popular robots integrated on the market today. A six-axis robots can bring a wide range of benefits to your production line. They can improve the motion on the production line as they have better wrist actions and flexibility. Furthermore, they bring specific robot software and programming capabilities to help improve the functionality of the production line.

Benefits Of Six-Axis Robots

Six Axis Robots

The six-axis robot arm is the most commonly integrated industrial robot on the market today.

Industrial applications present such a wide range of needs with an even wider range of solutions. Industrial robot manufacturers have designed and developed a variety of industrial robot arms to automate manufacturing applications.

One robot axis is equivalent to one degree of freedom. Each axis, or degree of freedom, is responsible for moving the entire robot arm to the programmed point. Six axes allow a robot arm to move in the x, y, and z planes, as well as position itself using roll, pitch, and yaw movements.

Axes as a Differentiator

One major differentiator in the industrial robot world is number of axes. Some applications, such as palletizing, often require a robot arm with fewer axes, such as the FANUC M-410 arm.

In other industrial applications, such as assembly, it might be advantageous to use an industrial robot with up to 15 axes, such as the Motoman SDA20D robot.

For many industrial tasks, however, the standard six-axis robot arm provides optimal strength, flexibility, and reach to complete the desired task. Click here to see what each axis does.

The Flexible Six-Axis Robot Arm

Most industrial robot arms that are seen in today’s manufacturing environments are composed of six-axes. Robot technology is constantly improving for six axis robots. Improved wrist action and flexibility, robot software and programming capabilities, and multiple mounting options are just some of the benefits six axis robots have to offer.

There is also a large range of robot sizes, payloads, and speeds to choose from. Six axis robots are also becoming easier to maintain, repair or replace.

The four most popular industrial robot manufacturers are FANUC, Motoman, KUKA and ABB. They have designed and developed six-axis industrial robot arms both large and small to handle industrial applications.

There are multiple clean room and food grade options, as well as, other extreme work environment robots to prevent worker injury or hazard pay.

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